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Rebekah & Paul’s Wedding {Oregon Country Wedding Photography}

This summer has been one of the driest summers we’ve had in a long time.  How is it possible that in the middle of August, rain storms are expected!  Armed with umbrellas for the bridal party, and some extra help to deal with the wind and rain, we were set for whatever God delivered!  Everything for this wedding was planned for being outside.  I asked the mother of the bride what the plan was in the morning, and she said there was no plan B.  That’s confidence!  She must have known that we were in some sort of weather pocket though because we had no rain all day, while all around us crazy storms came and went.

Rebekah and Paul put on such an awesome wedding, which was located at their family farm outside of Salem.  The location could not have been anymore picturesque.  The happy couple was gorgeous as well, and quite photogenic I might add!  Thank you Rebekah and Paul for inviting me to your wedding and allowing me to capture it with photography!  I had a great time and I hope you love the photos!

Oregon Country Wedding Photography-11Oregon Country Wedding Photography-11Oregon Country Wedding Photography-11Oregon Country Wedding Photography-11Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-15Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-16Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-17Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-18Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-19Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-20Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-21Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-22Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-23Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-24Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-25Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-26Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-27Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-28Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-29Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-30Oregon Farm Wedding Photography-31

September 19, 2015 - 7:55 am

Marie Cammack - Beautiful pictures!

September 19, 2015 - 12:18 pm

Tami Cammack - Thank you, Jason! Those are gorgeous!

September 19, 2015 - 5:37 pm

Joyce White - Beautiful!!

Marissa & Morgan’s Wedding – The Settlemier House {Woodburn Oregon Wedding Photographer}

I knew from the first time I heard from Morgan and Marissa that this would be a very special wedding.  They chose to get married at an intimate venue (The Settlemier House) in Woodburn and were surrounded by their closest friends and family.  It was not just an excuse for a party; it was a very meaningful ceremony.  Anytime I take on a late fall or winter wedding I have to be extra prepared, just in case we get a dark and rainy day.  I want to give the absolute best photos possible for every couple at every wedding that I have the privileged of photographing.  While great photos can be had from dark, rainy weddings, they do come with a higher challenge, and the options for the variety of photos can be limited.  We were blessed with really awesome weather, though, allowing us to get outside for many of the photos, and capturing so much of the incredibly beautiful fall colors!  And this venue did NOT disappoint in that category!  I’ll leave the rest of the story to the photos!

Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-13Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-13-1Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-14Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-15Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-15-1
Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-17-1Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-17Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-19
Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-22Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-21Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-23Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-23-1Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-27Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-28Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-29Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-30Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-31Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-32Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-33Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-34Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-35Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-36Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-37Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-38Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-39Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-40Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-41Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-42Settlemier House Wedding Photography Woodburn-43

November 17, 2014 - 9:13 am

Sudy Bruns - Couldn’t ask for better pictures! Kudos to the photographer. Thank you Jason. We appreciate that you took so many pictures so that all present were included.

November 18, 2014 - 6:04 am

Tom Bruns - very nice

Sarah & Ethan – McMinamins Grand Lodge Wedding {Forest Grove Wedding Photographer}

I met Sarah and Ethan towards the end of last year at a little coffee shop in Forest Grove.  One of my favorite things about wedding photography is all the fun experiences I get to have.  While drinking coffee at a new local coffee shop, we planned out a super adventurous engagement session in the Columbia Gorge!  I knew right away that this is a fun couple!  I love adventures and I love nature!  Another random connection we had was that we are all Civil Engineer’s.  Crazy huh?  If you didn’t know, I am a Civil Engineer.  I’m not your typical photographer in that i’m also an Engineer.  Although, maybe better said is, I’m not your typical engineer.  :)  I went to Oregon State for my degree, and Sarah and Ethan are just finishing up at OSU.

To continue in the adventure, my wife and I were expecting our third child.  The due date was 5 days after the wedding date!  The timing ended up working out great because two days after the wedding we became a family of 5!  It’s been a crazy ride through all of this, but i’m SO excited to share these photos.  Sarah and Ethan are beautiful people, inside and out.  It was a pleasure photographing their wedding!

McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-11McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-11-1-2McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-16McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-12McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-17McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-18McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-18-1-2McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-22McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-23McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-24McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-25McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-26McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-27McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-28McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-29McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-30McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-31McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-32McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-33McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-34McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-35McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-39McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-39-1-2McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-40-1-2McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-43McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-44McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-45McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-46McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-47McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-48McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-49McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-50McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-51McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-52McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-53McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-54McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-55McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-56McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-60McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-61McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-62McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-63McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-63-1-2McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-64McMenamins Grand Lodge Wedding Photography-65

Keri & Lyndon – Newport Oregon Beach Wedding {Oregon Beach Wedding Photographer}

Keri and Lyndon planned for the destination wedding of their dreams, at the Starfish Point Inn, just north of Newport.  They came over with family and close friends to spend the week, capping off the week with their wedding.  After an entire week of amazing weather, Saturday decided to bring strong wind and fairly thick fog.  Now, some people might be upset about something like this and let it impact their day.  Not Keri, Lyndon, or any of their guests!  What was really important to them is that they love each other, they were going to get married, and their friends and family were there to support and love them!  Nothing would keep them from having the time of their lives!

They ended up having a beautiful wedding, on the beach at the Oregon coast!  Shortly after the ceremony everyone headed up above the beach at the Starfish Point Inn to have an intimate, relaxed reception.  I will add that the dinner I had at this reception was amazing!  Lobster?!?!?  Yum!

Thank you Keri and Lyndon for sharing your day with me!

Oregon Beach Photographer-11Oregon Beach Photographer-12Oregon Beach Photographer-13Oregon Beach Photographer-15Oregon Beach Photographer-14Oregon Beach Photographer-17Oregon Beach Photographer-19Oregon Beach Photographer-20Oregon Beach Photographer-16Oregon Beach Photographer-18Oregon Beach Photographer-21Oregon Beach Photographer-22Oregon Beach Photographer-23Oregon Beach Photographer-24Oregon Beach Photographer-25Oregon Beach Photographer-26Oregon Beach Photographer-27Oregon Beach Photographer-28Oregon Beach Photographer-32Oregon Beach Photographer-31Oregon Beach Photographer-34Oregon Beach Photographer-35Oregon Beach Photographer-36Oregon Beach Photographer-30Oregon Beach Photographer-33Oregon Beach Photographer-37Oregon Beach Photographer-38Oregon Beach Photographer-39Oregon Beach Photographer-40Oregon Beach Photographer-41Oregon Beach Photographer-43Oregon Beach Photographer-42Oregon Beach Photographer-44Oregon Beach Photographer-45Oregon Beach Photographer-29

Becca & Dustin’s Wedding – {Salem Oregon Wedding Photographer}

I was so excited when a long time friend from high school sent me a message to ask if I was available to photograph her wedding.  I’ve known Becca for somewhere around 16 years?!?!  Am I really getting that old???  Becca and Dustin are so happy together and it makes me so happy to see their love for each other.  When a couple is so madly in love it really makes my job easy.  We had an especially fun time right at sunset heading out to get some last shots before dark.  These sunset sessions are my absolute favorite because the couples are always so relaxed at this point in the day that they can let loose and really get some good photos.  There’s no exception here as Becca and Dustin rocked it!

The wedding was at St Boniface, in Sublimity, and the reception was at Silver Falls Vineyard.  Enough chit chat!  Check out the photos!

Salem Wedding Photography-11

Salem Wedding Photography-13Salem Wedding Photography-14Salem Wedding Photography-15Salem Wedding Photography-16Salem Wedding Photography-17Salem Wedding Photography-18Salem Wedding Photography-19Salem Wedding Photography-20Salem Wedding Photography-21Salem Wedding Photography-22Salem Wedding Photography-23Salem Wedding Photography-24Salem Wedding Photography-25Salem Wedding Photography-26Salem Wedding Photography-27Salem Wedding Photography-28Salem Wedding Photography-29Salem Wedding Photography-30Salem Wedding Photography-31Salem Wedding Photography-32Salem Wedding Photography-33Salem Wedding Photography-34Salem Wedding Photography-35Salem Wedding Photography-36Salem Wedding Photography-37Salem Wedding Photography-38Salem Wedding Photography-39Salem Wedding Photography-40Salem Wedding Photography-41Salem Wedding Photography-42Salem Wedding Photography-43

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