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My son just turned three years old!  I can’t believe that much time has passed already.  Ever since I was in high school i’ve always had a strong interest in photography.  I never “justified” the purchase of a decent camera though until we found out that we’d be having our first baby.  I told my wife early in our marriage that as soon as we had our first child, i’d be getting a DSLR to photograph our little baby growing up.  Little did either of us know that i’d develop such a passion for the art.  However, when it comes down to it, my kids are still one of my favorite subjects!  :)  Here’s a video I put together showing you all a little glimpse into ‘a [birth]day in the life of my son,’ the reason i’m a photographer.

Taking photos of families, couples, and individuals brings me so much joy! I absolutely love being able to get to know so many amazing couples and families through this adventure as a photographer. Being able to provide high quality images for families and couples that they can cherish for a lifetime, is why I am a photographer.

Accomplishing the goal of providing awesome photos that you will love is truly a blast. I really love being your photographer. Whether it is your wedding, senior portraits, or capturing your growing family, Going the extra mile is my style. To ensure that the whole experience is one that you will love, I will help to choose a location that will best fit your personality and style, and jump up and down making a complete fool out of myself so your toddler will genuinely laugh and smile for the photo.:)

Weddings are a completely different category of photography. The marriage of a couple is something to be celebrated, now and forever. As your photographer, I am also known to play a few different roles. Wedding planner, coordinator, water fetcher, stress reducer, and comic relief are just a few of the ways I am dedicated to doing everything within my ability to make sure you have the time of your life at your wedding. Oh, and I will make sure you get outstanding photos that are sure to bring back the emotions of the day each time you look at them.

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